8th ICMBS 2013 Toronto Canada

Programme Schedule 8th ICMBS 2013 Toronto Canada

Monte Carlo Inn, Mississauga, Ontario

July 6th 2013

Session 1 (9:30 AM 11:30 PM)

Human Recourses Management and Organizational Behaviour

  1. Human resources management in the hospitality industry: Review and future directions, Riadh Ladhari andMouna Knani
  2. The antecedents of work-family enrichment: The cross-level effects of authentic leadership and positive team affective tone, Chia-Wu Lin, and Ming-Chun Chen
  3. Impact of High Performance Work Practices in Automobile industries in India, Anita Saxena, Urvesh Chaudhery and Gurjeet Kaur
  4. Employment Creation Efforts of The Nigerian Government: 1999-2012, James Mutiat Temitayo
  5. Influence of Home and Workplace Stress on Work Performance of University Employees in Southwest Nigeria, Iboro F.A. Ottu and Seun Tope Adekunle
  6. Job Insecurity Relation with Burnout : Example of teachers working in private teaching, Cemile Çetin and Nuray Turan
  7. Goal Orientation and Performance of Project Managers, Igor Kotlyar
  8. Technological change: Revisiting the relations between psychosocial risks, burnout, and turnover intentions, Mouna Knani, Pierre-Sébastien Fournier, and Caroline Biron
  9. The rules of professional conduct for legal practitioners, Ajayi Babatunde Vincent

Session 2 (11:30 PM 1:00 PM

Psychology, Sociology and Education

  1. Educational effectiveness, Mehrdad Youesi
  2. Gender Differences In Religiosity and Spirituality: An Empirical Study, Suman and Sunita Malhotra
  3. Exploring Casino Impacts on the Society of Macau, Vong, Tze Ngai Louis and Li, Yipin
  4. Perceived Quality of Life of pediatric cancer-patient families from low socio economic background at St. Jude ChildCare Centres, Mumbai, India, Pavithra Rajan, Bhavisha Sanadhya, and Nivedita Sasane
  5. Investigating the efficiency of nursing education program from the perspective of graduate students of nursing and midwifery, Parastoo Afghari , Shayesteh Salehi , Fariba Taleghani, and Mohammad Hassan Moghadasi
  6. The manifestation of an individual™s creativity depends on learning orientation and emotional intelligence: Implications for firm selection procedures, Vincent P. Magnini
  7. Quality Secondary Education through School based management committee and climate change management, Modebelu, M.N., and Duvie, Adanma N.
  8. The Study of the Perceived Social Support and Its Relationship to Glycosylated hemoglobin in the Children and Adolescents Suffering from The Type I Diabetes, Shayesteh Salehi , Soheila Shafiei , Parvaneh Amini , and Gholamhossein Abdeyazdan
  9. Social movements: Gender and women™s peace activism, Farhat Jabeen

Session 3 (1:40 PM 3:10 PM)

Financial Management and Marketing

  1. A Review on Structure and Framework of Islamic Financial Instruments, Najmeh Hajian and Vahid Biglari
  2. Impact of Microfinance on Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan, Ume Laila
  3. Herding Behavior in Vietnam™s Stock Market: Evidences from Empirical Research, Hung T. Nguyen, Huong T. L. Tran, and Truong V. Vu.
  4. Performance Consistency of Top Quartile Companies: A Case from Karachi Stock Exchange, Pakistan, Mohammad Nauman Khan, Fatima Nauman Khan, and Inam Ullah Khan
  5. The Function of International Marketing in Foreign business, Fatemeh zahra Ziaeian
  6. Changes in Consumer Behaviour in Poland and In EU Countries in the Period of Crisis, Arnold Pabian, Felicjan Bylok, Robert Kucêba, and Marcin Zawada
  7. Institutional Shareholder Activism: Does it make a Difference?, Talat Afza and Mian Sajid Nazir

Session 4 (3:10 PM 5:00 PM)

Strategic Management and Business Innovation

  1. The Changing Landscape of Technological and Innovation Based Capabilities for Industrial Clusters in Nigerian Firms, Vera Azubuike and Nathaniel C. Ozigbo
  2. A Comparative study of factors affecting Women Entrepreneurs of Cottage and Small Scale Industries in Rural and Urban Areas, Urvesh Chaudhery and Gurjeet Kaur
  3. Sustainable Organisations of the Future in the European Union Structure, Arnold Pabian, Felicjan Bylok, Robert Kucêba, and Marcin Zawada
  4. Contractual Completeness: Complementary and Substitutive Roles, Emmanuel Chao
  5. Management Innovation in the Injection Companies in Nanjing Area, Shuangqin Liu
  6. Corporate Social Performance: Understanding Firm Level Differences and their Effect on Company Performance, Kamalesh Kumar
  7. An empirical study on the effect of energy price deregulation on cement industry in Iran, Seyed Jafar Sadjadi, Seyed Esmaeel Najafi and Bani Amerian
  8. A Case Study on the Do-Not-Resuscitate Order and Its Indications on the Current Practice, Zuber Mujeeb Shaikh, Gazala A. Khan and Reena Halaseh
  9. Understanding the relationship between governance mechanisms, firm performance and CEO power within Tunisian context, Abdelwahed Omri, Rym Hachana, and Ben Cheikh Sana
  10. A Case Study on The Healthcare Quality And Patient Safety Culture In A Secondary Care Hospital of Nanded City, India, Shaikh Zuber. M., Khan Gazala. A., and Reena Halaseh

Session 5 (5:10 PM 6:30 PM)

Information Technology and Management

  1. Impact of IT on Changes in Contemporary Management, Robert Kucêba, Felicjan Bylok, Arnold Pabian, and Marcin Zawada
  2. Understanding Antecedents of Stickiness on Cloud Service, Ya-Ling Wu and Yi-Ning Lai,
  3. Utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) in Nigeria universities: impediments and suggestions, Modebelu, M.N., and Nwakpadolu, G. N.
  4. Disease Recognition System using Data Mining, Manpreet Singh, Satnam Singh Gill and Gurhimat Singh
  5. Optimization of Physician Time Table and Sequencing in a Hospital by Means of Genetic Algorithm , Manizheh Eskandari and Wan Khairuzzaman Wan Ismail
  6. Satish Sharma, Participant from California, USA
  7. Hang Pham, Participant from Saint Mary™s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Breakfast 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM

Lunch 1:00 PM to 1:40

Evening Coffee/Tea Break 5:00 PM to 5:10 PM

July 7th 2013

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