10th ICMBS 2014 JLU Bhopal

Programme Schedule 10th ICMBS 2014

Organized By SMBS India and Canada


Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal (India)

Day 1 January 16th 2014


9:00 AM 10:00 AM

(All Participants have to register between this time and collect Conference Kit)

Conference Inauguration

10:00 AM to 10:10 AM

Welcome Address by Dr. Gulnar H. Sharma (Director School of Management JLU)

10:10 AM - 10:20 AM

Introduction about Conference by Dr. Sunil Kumar (Director and President SMBS Canada and India)

10:20 AM 10:30 AM

Theme Address by Vice Chancellor JLU , Dr. Anoop Swarup

10:30AM 10:40AM

Address by Key note Speaker Mr. Anil Dave Rajya Sabha Member 10:00 AM 10:30 AM

10: 40 AM - 10:50 AM

Address by Dr. Paula Drewek (Guest of Honour ) Prof. of Humanities at Macomb Community College in Warren Michigan .

10:50 AM 11:00 AM

Address by Guest of Honour Dr. Mrs. Janak Palta MC Gilligan .

11:00 AM - 11:10 AM Inaugural Address by Chief Guest -Mr . P. R Ravi Mohan Regional Director RBI (M.P & Chhattisgarh)

11: 10AM -11. 20 AM Presidential Address by Executive Director

11:20AM -11:30AM Vote of Thanks by Registrar Mr. Nesa . Murthy

Technical Presentations

Session 1 (11:30 AM 1:00 PM) Conference Room -1

Finance and Economics

  1. A. Kanmani Joan of Arch, Role of Computers in Banking Services
  2. Karambir Singh, Micro finance and Financial Inclusion - Challenges ahead and their solutions in Indian perspective
  3. Mahadevaswamy and H.R. Arpitha, E- Commerce
  4. Narayanan Kannan, Micro Finance- A Gap Filler
  5. Poornima Mishra and Swati Chauhan, CSR Funds in Banking Sector as an Effective means for Financial Inclusion initiatives in India
  6. Preshni Shrivastava, Comparative study of E-banking Services Offered by Public and Private Sector Banks in India
  7. Ramesh Chandra Babu, Factors Influencing the Individual Investor Behavior with Special Reference to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  8. Usha Jain, K. Venkataraman, and V.B. Gupta, Prioritizing the credit cards using Analytical Hierarchy Process
  9. Vishu Kapoor, Kunal Adhikari and Rakesh Shahani, Evaluating the Performance Characteristics of Select Bank Funds using Popular and Advanced Measurement tools

Session 2 (11:30 AM 1:00 PM ) Conference Room -2

Sociology, Social work and Education

  1. Ankit Vyas, Low Learning Outcomes in Primary Schools in India
  2. Bayani Ursolino Almacen, The Social Image of A Filipino Seafarer: Uplifting Career in The Maritime Profession
  3. Masoud Haghighi and Safar Ali Yazarloo, The relationship between parenting style and social skills tribal students
  4. Pavithra Rajan and Anand Koti, Economic Development of urban slum women in Gujarat, India
  5. Prashant Thote, School Accreditation and Assessment in Central India: An Analysis of Awareness of School Principal
  6. Seeme Mahmood, Society and Education
  7. Sufaira. C, Differential Rates In Fertility: An Intercommunity Analysis, A Case Study of Aralam Grama Panchayath, Kerala
  8. Deepti Acharya, Muslim Women: Inactive demos in active Democracy

Session 3 (11:30 AM 1:00 PM) Conference Room 3

Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

  1. Amit Kumar Uppal, Tourism and Travel Industry: A New Path for Prospective Entrepreneurs
  2. Ankita Doneriya and Anurup Doneriya, Social Media and Health Care
  3. Jaspreet Dahiya, and Komal Sehgal Why Innovative Pedagogy?
  4. Joseph T J, and Savitha K L, Hospital Waste Generation Rate in Kerala - A Statistical Analysis
  5. Raghav Arora, Dr. Harsha Tomar & Soumya Arora, œP.I.C.S: Boom in Inventory Management for Hospitals
  6. Ravikiran B.S., Role of Vital Factors for the Success of Agriculture Machines of Small Entrepreneurs
  7. Satish C. Sharma & Urmila Sharma, Exploring Problems & Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs
  8. Uttam Kr Pegu, Information and Communication Technology in Development: Can it help Include the Excluded?

Lunch Break and Social Networking

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Session 4 (2:00 PM 5:00 PM) Conference Room 1

Applied Psychology

  1. Anamika Mishra, Loneliness, Alienation and Quality of Life Among College Students
  2. Anil Kumar S. and Bharati Rao Pothukuchi, Relationship between Self-esteem and Locus of control among adolescent students in Bangalore
  3. Anu Teotia & Manpreet Kaur, The Impact of Grit and Subjective Vitality on Academic Achievement
  4. Jyoti Mishra, Relationship Among Hope, Meaning of Life And Satisfaction With Life Among College Going Students
  5. Navya Pande, Use of Hypnosis in Increasing Mindfulness and Confidence: A Case Study
  6. Sandhya Gupt, A Case Study on Anger Management by Dint of Hypnosis
  7. Santosh Meena, Ego Resilience, Happiness And Quality of Life Among Males And Females
  8. Santosh Meena, Spiritual Intelligence, Religious Belief, Personal Control And Mental Health: A Correlational Study
  9. Sneha Singh Munda & Manisha Agarwal, Effect of workplace related process variables on psychological contract fulfillment and quality of patient care delivered by medical professionals in private and public hospitals
  10. Udita Kaushik, Subjective Vitality as Predictor of Curiosity and Self-Anchoring
  11. Vidushi Saharan, Flourishing, Grit and Resilience Among College Students
  12. Ansarullah Tantry, and Anita Puri Singh, A study of psychological hardiness across different professions of Kashmir (J&K), India

Session 5 (2:00 PM 5:00 PM) Conference Room 2

Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management

  1. Akriti Srivastava, Does intelligent people make the organizational intelligent? Organizational intelligence: A Perspective
  2. Chetna Pandey and Ritu Gangil, A comparative study of job stress and job involvement on employee satisfaction and intention to quit
  3. Chhaya Teotia, Anu Teotia & Dr. C.P.Khokhar job Insecurity In Private Sector Due To Recent Recession: A Psychological Analysis
  4. Kshama Ganjiwale & Vishnu N Mishra, Herzberg™s Motivation-Hygiene and Retention
  5. Mahima Agarwal, The Relationship Among Organizational Climate, Job Satisfaction and Happiness of The Employees of Educational Institutions
  6. Manisha Gupta, Employees™ Satisfaction
  7. Mohammad Ashphaq, Organizational Resilience Culture: A culture of Safety & Security in Educational Institutes of India
  8. Pallavi Pathak and Shankar Prasad A., Analyzing and Managing Employee Turnover
  9. Pooja Jaiswal and Archana, Impact of Training and Development on Employee Commitment and Turnover
  10. Rupali Khanolkar, Effect of emotional intelligence on leader-member exchange (LMX) in sales employees: An empirical study in Pharmaceutical Industry in India
  11. Shekhar Kapoor, Human Resource Management And Study of Management of Organizational Behavior in the Multinational Companies
  12. Shraddha Dhiwal, Career Aspirations and Wellbeing of Students
  13. Vignesh Vasudevan, Talent Management
  14. Vishnu N Mishra & Kshama Ganjiwale, A Study of Relation of Emotional Intelligence to Job Satisfaction among Corporate Executives
  15. Neha Sharma and Pooja Kasliwal, A study on HRD climate with special reference to: RSWM textiles company Ltd. Bhilwara, Rajasthan

Session 6 (2:00PM 5:00 PM) Conference Room 3

Marketing Management

  1. Kush Kr. Patwa, Love Kumar Patwa and Sunil Jakhoria, Evaluation Of Effectiveness Of Sales Promotional Tools On Sales Volume And Channel Members™ Perceptions [An Overview Of Delhi Region]
  2. Love Kumar Patwa and Kush Kr. Patwa, An Analytical Study of CRM Practices In Public And Private Sector Banks In The State Of Uttar Pradesh
  3. Pallavi K. Mhatre, An influence created by Children on parents™ purchase decisions due to Television advertisements
  4. Prakhar Porwal, Creating Optimal Portfolio for diversification in Emerging Markets
  5. Rajagopal Shambavi and Bansal Ipshita, Cross Cultural Analysis of Purchasing Behaviour of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in the United Arab Emirates
  6. Ajay Phaltankar and Prashant Kushwaha, Factors Affecting Customers Satisfaction On Tele-Communication Services: A Study of Gwalior
  7. Maryada Johari and Gulnar Sharma, Brand Rituals and Its Impact on Demand of the Product
  8. Shruti Saraswat, Vikram Singh Rana & Gulnar Sharma, Covert Advertising and its Impact on Consumer Behaviour
  9. Gulnar Sharma & Mr. Sushil Raturi, Brand Impact on Customer Purchase Intention A Study for Indian Clothing Industry
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