1st ICMBS 2011 Jodhpur

Day 1. Conference Schedule

Conference Hall 1

Date 2nd April 2011 Time 10:45AM to 12:15PM

Session 1 Human Resource Management/OB


Name of Presenter(s)


Role of women in human resource management

Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Ms. Priyanka Gupta and Ms. Darakshan Zeenat

A study of emerging trends in hr practices during recession-recovery period

Ms. Archisha Garg

Integerated approach of Behaviour and Risk for Accident Reduction

B.Vinoth and Dr. M. Pandi Kumar

Bsc approach to organizational transformations

Dr. C. Anuradha and padmamalini

Expatriate training and development

Dr.davinder sharma

Academic Motivation and Academic Performance of International University Students in a Conditional Admissions Program

Dean Philip Leslie, and Maria Belen Vergara

The new Emerging Trends in Succession Planning

Ms. Divya Sharma and Ms. Iram Khan

A call to all organistions Green HRM

Dr. G. N. D. Raju and Mr. Ravi Kiran

Conference Hall 1

Date 2nd April 2011 Time 12:15PM to 1:30PM

Session 2. Marketing Management


Name of Presenter(s)


Market reaction to Dividend Announcements in India - An Empirical Study

Dr. Arshdeep and Ms. Asha rani

Green Marketing-New Challenges and Hopes for a Green Move

Ms. Iram Khan and Ms. Divya Sharma

Green Marketing: A sustainable measure towards societal growth

Dr. Jasdeep Kaur Dhami and Parveen Singh Kalsi

Green Computing: An Efficient way for Sustainable Business Development


A Study of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty of Mobile Services.

Dr.N.P.Prabhakar, and Mrs.Ch. Gowthami

Rural Organised Retail Marketing In India

Osman Bin Salam

A Conceptual Frame Work on Green Marketing

Ms. Pooja Goyal

Growth and Development of Retail Industry in India

Rekha Raheja, Rajesh Bhardwaj and Priyanka

Conference Hall 1

Date 2nd April 2011 Time 2:15PM to 3:15PM

Session 3: Psychology and OB


Name of Presenter(s)


The Effect of Spiritual Leadership on Workplace

Nader Boroumand

Cancer: Some Psychological Factors

Aparna Singh, S. K. Upadhyay, B. D. Bhatia, Vineeta Gupta

Cancer: Some psychological factors

Mr. Ajinkya S. Joshi and Mrs. Vaishali R. Lele

Emotional Intelligence of Female Adolescents In Relation To Selected Dimensions


Emotional Intelligence and Academic success - A Study on Management Students.

Gowthami. Ch, Dr.N.P.Prabhakar

The Role of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership in Indian Context

N. Sridhar

Role of Emotional Intelligence in Human Resource Management during Economic Crisis

Atiya Kazmi

Adjustment and coping style in female with breast cancer

Fatemeh Abdollahi

Occupational stress among employees working in government hospital.

Sunita rani &Dr Rajni

Conference Hall 1

Date 2nd April 2011 Time 3:30PM to 5:00PM

Session 4: Finance and Economics


Name of Presenter(s)


impact of working capital management on profitability of an undertaking - a case study on bharat petroleum corporation limited

Ms.Aparna Mishra

An Evaluation of the Attributes Considered by Health Insurance Seekers In Selecting Health Insurance Policy

Dr Aarti Loomba

Naveen J Sirohi CFP

An Overview on Quality Practices Gap for Small Scale Mechanical Industries

Ashok S. Lokhande

new global economy and human development

C.P. Ramzan

Role of Foreign Direct Investments in the Indian Retail Markets

Dr.Deepali Saluja

Ms.Bhawna Sharma

Protection of Consumer in Free Market Economy - with reference to Rural Consumer

Dilip Kumar Jha, Dr. Namita Sharma ,

Dr. Manisha Dubey and Gitanjali Shrivastava

A study on managing financial aspects of co- operative bank

Mr.Kulkarni Sugandharaj,

Mr.Balgaonkar Vilas,

Empowerment of Women Through Entrepreneurship- Some Thrusts Areas for Women Entrepreneurship in Assam and Challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs

Dr. Kumud Chandra Goswami and Mr.Kauranga Borgohain

Conference Hall 1

Date 2nd April 2011 Time 5:00PM to 6:30PM

Session 5: General Management


Name of Presenter(s)


increasing the awareness about the healthcare insurance: a data mining approach

Anupam Singha,Debmalya Ghoshal and Chandan Kundu

A Study on factors Leading to success in Women Owned Businesses

Jayanty Kuppusamy Jaya Ganesan, , Tiew Tan Tan

IFRS: The Convergence Journey

Monika Bhatia

Effects of personal correlates on Risk behaviors among Indian and Ethiopian students: A Cross Cultural Study

Kassim Kimo Kebelo and N.V.V.S.Narayana

Lateral Growth of Employees as a organizational tool


indian mba students: values and work aspirations of ˜managers of tomorrow ™

Kshipra Rustogi

The effectiveness of Mandatory CSR: Evidence from a rapidly developing island economy


The Nature of Giving: Corporate Philanthropy in India

Dr. Parul Tandan

Corporate Social Responsibility through Embracing Ethical Business Strategy

Dr. Subrata Debnath

Quantitative Cost Risk Analysis method for IT Projects

Ravindra Gadge

Day 1 Conference Schedule

Conference Hall 2

Date 2nd April 2011 Time 10:45AM to 12:15PM

Session 1. Psychology and OB


Name of Presenter(s)


A Study of Learning Organization in relation to organizational Culture in Medical Transcription Industry

Dr. Jain Mathew and Mrs. Hamsa Gururaj

Total Reward System and its Effect on Work Motivation and Job Performance

Jaya Ganesan, Jayanty Kuppusamy, Tiew Tan Tan

Human resource management strategy in national rural health mission in rajasthan

Khushboo Jain, Dr. Geetanjali Sharma and

Dr. Ashok Solanki

Challenges and Strategies for Managing the knowledge workers- An HR perspective

K. Sirisha

An Analysis of Charismatic Style of Leadership, through Celebrities as Brand Ambassadors, for gaining organizational distinctive competence

Dr. Parul Khanna and Mr. Anil Kumar

Behavioural Training in Engineering Classroom: Impact of Soft Skills

Dr. N. George Mathew

Conference Hall 2

Date 2nd April 2011 Time 2:15PM to 3:30PM

Session 3. Developmental Studies


Name of Presenter(s)


Process Simplification: the Need for Developmental Studies in various Work Places

Mrs. Aditi chawla and Dr. Saba Hilal

An overview of Higher Education in India - Issues and Expectations

Dr. Mahesh Chandra Joshi, Tejbir Kaur and

Ajay Chandel

Sex Eduation In School- An Emperical Study On Perception Of Teachers And Students Towards Sex Education In Muslim Minority Schools In Delhi

Mohammad Taslim

What™s wrong with our management education ?

Prashant Patil and Dr. Vivek Pimplapure

Parental influences and role of the teacher in academic performance of students.

Priyanka Pandey & KomillaThapa

A Conceptual Framework of Decentralized Urban Governance in India: Assessing the Role of Different Actors in the Country and Institutionalizing Citizen Participation

Dr. Ruchi Singh, and Ms.Deeksha Sharma

Conference Hall 2

Date 2nd April 2011 Time 3:30PM to 5:00PM

Session 4: Marketing Management


Name of Presenter(s)


Consumer behaviour affected by nutritional labels

Dr. Sunita laddha and Dr. Savita Singh

Customer relationship management through blogs

Dr. Amishi Arora and Mr. Shiwaji S. Dhawad

Identification of constraints in SHG environment

Dr. savita Singh and Dr. Vandana Kaushik

Rural Marketing : Advantage for Indian Economy: A descriptive research

Shilpi Bagga

An Empirical analysis of Attitude and Perception of Investors Towards Investment in ULIPs

Shweta Malhotra, Swati Narula and Sangeeta Mehrolia

Brand Image and its impact on Retail Store

Ms. Sulekha Munshi

Prospects of indian capital market with reference to retail investors

Vamshi Krishna and V.Y.John

Consumer behavior towards the organized retail format

Prof. Vilas S. Balgaonkar

Green packaging : A necessity for a sustainable environment

Mrs. Arisha Fatima Rizvi and Mr. Faran Izhar

Conference Hall 2

Date 2nd April 2011 Time 5:00PM to 6:00PM

Session 5: Finance and Economics


Name of Presenter(s)


Millennium Development Goals-Understanding Transitional Change In Indian Economy

Dr. Renita Dubey

Role of Micro Finance in Agriculture - A Study on Medhikuchi Village Under Morigaon District of Assam

Rohit Bhattacharjee and Pallavi Kakati

Evaluating Corporate Governance & Disclosure Practices In Indian Banking Sector A Comparative Study Of Public Sector Banks & Private Sector Banks

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma

Effectiveness of CRM in Banking Services with Reference to ATM & Internet Banking Services

Dr. Shamsher Singh

An Appraisal of Surplus Food Grain Problem in India- A Statistical Perspective

Shagun Srivastava and Arti Trivedi

The Financial Efficiency of Indian Private Banks Post Banking Liberalization

Dr P.S. Vohra, Ms. Preeti Sehgal and

Mr. Satinder Pal Singh

Day 2 Conference Schedule

Conference Hall 1

Date 3rd April 2011 Time 08:00AM to 10:00AM

Session 1 Human Resource Management/OB


Name of Presenter(s)


Employee Retention An Organisational Issue

Urvesh Chaudhery

The Role of Work Life Balance in improving Employee Engagement

Dr. Venkoba Rao

Effectual Performance Management System as decisive factor for successful Employee Engagement - A case study of NTPC, Ramagundam Super Thermal Power Station, Andhra Pradesh

Dr.V.Nivedita Reddy and Smt.S.Padma

Human Resource Management Practices in IT Industry: With Special Reference to Complex Adaptive Systems Perspective.

Suniti Chandiok

Employee Satisfaction With Reward And Recognition Policy: A Comparative Study Of Indian And Foreign Mnc Bpo Firms

Sri. Herald Monis

Role of Effective Performance Management in Employee retention.

Samir P. Hiwarkar and Prashant R. Patil

Role of training and development in the organizational effectiveness

Rajpreet Kaur

Integration of hr and online social networking based on web 2.0 technologies in the 21st century

Ms. Tanushree Gulati and Mr. Vikas Gulati

Effective Organization Communication to get a Competitive edge over others

Dr. Prashant P. Deshpande,

Training & Development Interventions: A Tool To Enhance Human Capital Effectiveness

Prof. Tapati Nandy

Conference Hall 1

Date 3rd April 2011 Time 10:00PM to 11:00PM

Session 2. Marketing Management


Name of Presenter(s)


E-Waste Management: An Indian Perspective

Dr. Amita Tripathi and Bhavishya Mathur

Is Competition in the Banking Industry necessarily Welfare-enhancing; An Overview of the Latest Empirical Literature.

Champika H. D. D.

Practices of Integrated Marketing

Text Box

Communication in India

Sanjay Manocha

E-banking: The new age banking

Jasdeep Kaur and Dr. H.V.Jhamb

Rural Marketing : Advantage for Indian Economy: A descriptive research

Shilpi Bagga

Rural marketing in Indian prospective: to make effectual, innovative strategies and clutch unlocking opportunity

Dr. Pavan mishra and Ms. Payal Sharma

108 Ambulance Emergency service in Bikaner City

Alka Swami

Sustainable Consumption in India: Challenges and Opportunities

Divesh Kumar, Praveen Goyal, Zillur Rahman and Ishwar Kumar

Conference Hall 1

Date 3rd April 2011 Time 11:00AM to 12:00Noon

Session 3. Finance and Economics


Name of Presenter(s)


Impact on Socio-Economic Status of SHG

Dr.Anita Singh

Non Performing Assets Management in Commercial Banks-Need of the Hour


Impact of financial and marketing problems on performance of sse™s in delhi an empirical study

Rajesh S. Pyngavil, Dr Anju Singla and

Dr. M L Gupta

Strategic measurement of financial stress in banking industry

Dr. V. Saranagarajan

Corporate governance : issues and challenges in financial sector in india in the post globalization, liberaliztion & financial reforms era

Dr. Y.N. Mann

Ms. Vibhuti Srivastava

Day 2 Conference Schedule

Conference Hall 2

Date 3rd April 2011 Time 08:00AM to 10:00AM

Session 1 Human Resource Management/OB


Name of Presenter(s)


International human resource management

G.vani and K. Sanjeeva rao

Imbibing legal knowledge in future manager

Ketaki Salankar and Shrut Dhabale

Case study on ob a new approach to solution

HK Manji

A quality of work life an antecedent to organizational commitment

Prof. MK Jha and Manmohan Choudhary

Impact of organizational culture on employee™s performance in hospitals in Bikaner

Ruma Bhadauria

A Journey Across the Gender

Vis-Ã -vis Negotiated Unethical Behaviour and OCB

Suparna Jain

Role and responsibility of human resource management

Mr. Sunil Jangid and Ms. Jyoti Garg

Ethics based leadership an effective tool of restoring trust and gaining competitive advantage

Ms. Vijit Chaturvedi and Dr. Sudhir Agarwal

Importance of HRM in health care services and hospitals

Gauri Bist

Insisting the sustainable development innovation of the HRM

Guduru Naresh and B. Raj Kumar

Knowledge Management and Competitive Advantage in Indian Context

Alok Goel, Namita Gupta and Prof. Renu Rastogi

Conference Hall 2

Date 3rd April 2011 Time 10:00AM to 12:00Noon

Session 2. Psychology


Name of Presenter(s)


Life Style, Health and Well-being: A Study among Indian Adolescents

Arun Pratap Singh

Sex education a comparison of girls knowledge

Dr. Bharti Bhatnagar, Pooja Bansal,and Sunita Chouhan

Emotional stability a concern of adolescents

Dr. Bharti Bhatnagar, Manju, Bhanote and Shikha Kalra

Acculturative stress, symptoms of stress and help seeking attitudes of international college freshmen in Thiland

Maria Belen Vergara

A Study on Relationship of Emotional Intelligence with Job Performance and Job Satisfaction

Megha Bakshi

Clinical Hypnotherapy as an Effective Modulation to reduce Anxiety and improve Self Confidence of Sexually Abused Adolescents

Priyanka Kacker

Cure of examination anxiety as the prevention of suicidal ideation

Dr. Raj Kumar Kalra and Preeti Manani

The effect of gender and age on motivation to work

Ritu Sharma

Motivational factors for the teachers of higher studies

Shweta Acharya

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